RTI CT Ion Chamber

Place anywhere in the X-ray field


The RTI CT Ion (Ionization) Chamber is for use with the Piranha meters, Cobia FLEX R/F, or Cobia SENSE. The RTI CT Ion Chambers – 10 cm and 30 cm – are intended for CTDI and dose length product measurements on CT scanners in a phantom or free-in-air.

Both chambers can be connected via the RTI Chamber Adapter to the Piranha or to the Cobia. The 10 cm chamber can also fit into standard phantoms used for CTDI measurements. They fulfill applicable parts of the IEC 61674 standard for diagnostic dosemeters and are thereby compatible with IEC 61223-2-6 and 66601-2-44 for applicable CT dosimetry.

The chambers come with RQT9, 120 kV, and W/Al + 0.25 mm Cu as standard calibration. Please specify on the order if you prefer another calibration.

Note: The  RTI Chamber Adapter is also required.


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RTI CT Ion Chamber – RTI CT Ion Chamber 10 cm
The 10 cm chamber has an active volume of 5.3 cc and an active length of 100 mm.
RTI CT Ion Chamber – RTI CT Ion Chamber 30 cm
The 30 cm chamber has an active volume of 16 cc and an active length of 300 mm.
  1. Air kerma rate 0.3 mGycm/s to 3 Gycm/s
    Inaccuracy ±5 % or ±0.03 mGycm/s
    Connector type LEMO triaxial
    Cable 2 m, low noise triaxial
    Active volume 16 cm³
    Active length 300 mm
    Diameter 12 mm, 12.6 incl O-rings
    Typical leakage ±20 fA
    Radiation quality 70 - 150 kV
    Sensitivity 30 mGycm/nC
    Energy dependence ±1 %