Ocean Next™ Professional software

Boost your X-ray QA efficiency

Ocean Next™ Professional software can increase your X-ray testing efficiency by setting up facilities, adding your tests on multiple pages, creating checklists, auto-generate reports, receiving analyzes with your pass and fail criteria, and much more.

Other useful features are measurement data that can be shared within the organization and the possibility to mine data in the database to monitor trends of performance parameters.

The software is compliant with all our Piranha, Mako and Cobia meters as well as the RTI Scatter Probe.
Ocean Next requires MS Windows 10 or later.

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Multi-page templates with Ocean Next™ Professional software

Combine tests into one report which eases, for example, your yearly inspection.


Site database

Organize your measurement data per equipment and hospital. Automatically populate site information like serial numbers of generators and tubes.

Trend analyses

Enables data mining using the site database. See how the parameters change over time, e.g., deterioration of HVL in selected modalities.

  1. Site database
  2. Multi-page templates
  3. Trend analysis
  4. Scheduling
  5. Expert mode (measurements in Studio View)
  6. Advanced Excel® connection
  7. User-defined tests and checklists
  8. Reporting
  9. CT Dose Profiler support
  10. Analysis with pass/fail limits


Measure CTDI for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT! Together with the RTI CT Ion Chamber or CT Dose Profiler, the RTI LoniMover™ is, without a doubt, the easiest and most accurate way to measure CTDI and waveforms for Wide Beam and Cone Beam CT. With the CT Dose Profiler, you will get the FWHM, [...]

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CTDI Phantom Set

Adapt the size of the phantom RTI CTDI Phantom Sets simulates adult and pediatric head and body of patients for QA testing of ­computed tomography (CT) systems. RTI offers two different CTDI Phantom sets. Choose two (2) or three (3) parts. Both have nested modules to allow adaptation to the size required by the selected [...]

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Piranha Panoramic Holder/Vertical Holder v.4

Attach your Piranha vertically The Piranha Panoramic Holder/Vertical Holder v.4 is designed for attaching the Piranha DENTAL meter to dental panoramic equipment or vertical mounting. It can be mounted with an adjustable strap or magnets. [...]

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10" Tablet PC 

Connect wirelessly! Microsoft Surface Go 3 10″ Tablet PC display for wireless or USB communication with the Piranha, Mako and Cobia meters. The portable tablet comes with a detachable keyboard, Windows 11 Home, installed Ocean Next™ software, built-in Bluetooth, a charger, and all necessary items to make it a user-friendly & versatile [...]

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