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RTI Service and calibration

Calibration and Service


Our calibration labs are designed to serve users of RTI solutions around the globe with a traceable, reliable, and convenient service. All services are performed by specially-trained RTI personnel, and our calibrations are carried out with true adjustments and traceable to international standards.

We are the only non-invasive X-ray QA test equipment manufacturer that includes all products in its ISO 17025 accreditation scope.


For further information:


Download the RTI Service brochure for your reference.


RTI Service brochure


Find your local distributor

Your local distributor will help you with all administration regarding you service order.

Find your distributor
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Global Service

Please contact your local distributor to fill out the Service Form and to receive instructions on how to ship your service order.

RTI Group Headquarters
Flöjelbergsgatan 8C
431 37 Mölndal, SWEDEN

Service Form - Global
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USA/Canada Service

Please send the completed service form to RTI Group North America to request Return Authorization and receive instructions to send in your unit for service.

RTI Group North America
33 Jacksonville Road, Bldg. 1
Towaco, NJ 07082, USA

Service Form - USA/Canada

Two-year calibration cycle

Due to the high reliability of RTI products, we recommend a two-year calibration cycle. Together with the short turnaround time, this gives you high accessibility to your instrument.

2 year calibration

Three-day Express Service

To even further decrease the turnaround time, we offer a three-day Express Service. Please note, this is only available for pre-booked calibration service.

Express Service

Warranty up to ten years

The RTI conditional Extended Warranty program for the Piranha and Cobia platforms gives you up to a ten-year warranty. Each instrument comes with a two-year warranty. By joining the Extended Warranty Program, you can increase your warranty for two years at a time – up to ten years.

Read how to order an extended warranty
10 Year Warranty

Certifications and approvals

As an accredited laboratory, we are regularly reviewed to ensure that our calibration skills are maintained. It provides third-party assurance that RTI has the quality management system to ensure all our calibrations are consistently the highest quality. This accreditation is a guarantee that our assignment is carried out impartially, fairly, and based on internationally accepted standards.

See our certifications
Approved Calibration

We will remind you

We will send a reminder two months before your RTI product is due for calibration. This lets you plan carefully when to send your meter to the RTI Lab.


Keep your meter up-to-date

When we calibrate your meter, we also ensure it gets all the latest updates for new X-ray equipment. This means your meter is kept up-to-date and that you get the most value out of your investment.

Approved Calibration

Upgrade Red Piranha to Black Piranha (R2B)

Get more value out of your Red Piranha by letting us upgrade it to a state-of-the-art Black Piranha. We believe in offering upgrade paths and are hesitant to discontinue products and service programs.

Keep your meter up to date
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