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Get the latest release of Ocean Next™ software. Plus, say hello to our new customer portal! Read all about the Ocean Next™ features Scroll down

Ocean Next™ software v.2.0

The upgraded Ocean Next™ for the Cobia, Piranha, and RTI Scatter Probe includes several new features such as a message panel for news and more visible calibration reminders, auto-start first test in sessions, right click to start a new measurement, touch-up in appearance in all wizards, improved auto-fill site functionality, new CT and Mammo calibrations, and new export PDF functionality.

X-ray QA testing at your fingertips!



Download Ocean Next™ v.2.0
Customer testimonial

Ocean Next™ v.2.0

I downloaded the Ocean Next™ v.2 and I immediately noticed that you abandoned MS Access database engine and you moved to SQL Database. This is really very good news for us and for our customers. I think this increased the value of the product. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Yiannis Demetrakopoulos, Raymed epe

Say hello to myRTI!

We are proud to present our new customer portal.


We have launched our customer platform, myRTI, where you will find your Ocean exposure logs, news about products, software releases, calibration reminders for your meters, and much more!

With a single sign-on, you can access both myRTI, Lithmos online training, and exclusive features on our website.


Download the myRTI brochure

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myRTI logs


Keep track of your data using logs, to see your measurement values acquired using Ocean Next™. Accessible through myRTI from a PC anywhere!

myRTI meter info

Meter info

Manage your RTI devices using meter info. Track devices used with Ocean Next™, reminders on calibration due dates, and access to your calibration certificates.

Single sign on

Your myRTI account is a single sign-on account giving you access to Ocean Next™, the myRTI customer portal (meter info & logs), plus access to RTI Support and RTI Academy online training.


Keep track on your devices

MyRTI Devices Info

All your logs displayed

MyRTI Meter Info

Easy access to your logs

MyRTI Piranha Logs

RTI Support & Resource Center

Providing the very best in X-ray QA knowledge.


One of our goals is to share our deep knowledge of best practices within the field of X-ray QA and testing – to ultimately protect patients and staff in an ever more complex operational environment. Click the link to access the RTI Academy training, how-to-videos, documentation, and more!


Get the very latest information about the Ocean Next™ updates and myRTI portal from the webinar hosted by Erik Wikström, RTI’s Manager Training, on 31 May 2022 >



RTI Support

Contact us today to find out more

Erik Wikström

Manager Training Phone: +46 (0) 70 848 70 00

Daniel Toll

Support & Test Manager Phone: +46 (0) 31 746 36 08